About Committees 

For effective implementation of the curricular and co-curricular activities various committees are constituted by the institution. Each committee is headed by a convenor and to assist her there are teacher educators as its members. The various committees constituted for the purpose are

Discipline Committee

The discipline committee maintains discipline which is must for systematic working and dignity of the college. These efforts of committee helps to maintain peaceful environment and develop healthy feeling of co-operation among pupil teachers.

Library Advisory Committee

The college library is maintained and managed according to the plans of library advisory committee. The committee suggests, purchases and review the books, periodicals, journals etc. from time to time. Efforts are made by the committee to make our library more rich and provide book bank facility to poor pupil teachers.

Sports Committee

For proper growth and development of pupil teachers, physical development is also required. For this, our sports committee conducts inter house competition in which pupil teachers take active participation. The pupil teachers not only do exercises and play games but they are also taught the rules related to various games.

Literary / Seminar / Discussion / Wall Magazine Committee

Education is incomplete without literary development. To make the pupil teachers aware of new methods, approaches and developments in education this committee organizes various seminars, discussions etc.

Guidance and counseling cell

A teacher works as a friend, guide and philosopher. The guidance and counseling cell is organized to help the students in solving their various problems which may be related to their selection of subjects, teaching, career or any other problem.

Women cell

To empower the womanhood, to abolish the exploitation a women cell is organized in our college. After knowing about any problem, this cell redresses and improve the dignity, honour and status of our pupil teachers and staff members.

Alumni Association

To establish and maintain contact among the past students, present students and the staff members of Tilak Teachers Training College, an alumni association is established. The former students of the college share their experiences and motivate the present students of the college for various curricular and extra curricular activities.

Placement cell

A placement cell is established which helps the pupil teachers to acquire job through the college. CV of pupil teachers are collected manually or online for the job opportunity. Whenever there are job opportunities the pupil teachers are contacted immediately and sent for personal interview.

Academic Linkage and community services cell

The Acadmic Linkage and Community Service cell established and manages important links on website. The links are establishes with such organizational bodies from which affiliation is seeked or that are governing bodies in academic field.