About InfrastructureThe institute is located approx 15 Km from Railway Station, Jaipur. The campus is huge and built in pollution free healthy environment having peaceful area of ……………Sq. mts.

Administrative Block :

It is the place where all the activities & future plans are generated. It has a vital role in the development of the ideas for smooth running of the institution.

Total land area earmarked for thew proposed teacher training programme 5928 Sqm
Total build up area 3460.94 Sqm(As per Building Plan
Total Parking area 1200 Sqm
Infrastructure details as per provisions of the NCTE.Regulations,2009
1 Class Room No (i) 735.60 Sq.ft each (iii) 570 Sq.ft each
(iv) 565 Sq.ft each (iv) 565 Sq.ft each
2. Multipupose Halll (i) 2605.42 Sq.ft each  
3. Library-cum-Reading room (i) 1153.50 Sq.ft each  
4. ICT Resource Center (i) 600 Sq.ft each  
5. Psychology Resource Center (i) 520 Sq.ft each  
6. Art and Craft Resource Center (i) 442 Sq.ft each  
7. Health and Physical Education Resource Center including yoga Education (i) 351 Sq.ft each  
8 Science and Mathematics Resource Center (i) 899.60 Sq.ft each  
9 Principal's office (i) 344.85 Sq.ft each  
10 Staff Room (i) 570 Sq.ft each  
11 Administrative Office (i) 194.54 Sq.ft each  
12 Visitors Room    
13 Girl's Common Room (i) 564.75 Sq.ft each  
14 Seminar Room (i) 1153.50 Sq.ft each  
15 Canteen (i) 745 Sq.ft each  
16 Toilet Facility for Girls and Staff (i) 150 Sq.ft each  
17 Parking Space (i) .......... Sq.ft each  
18 Store Room(two) (i) 276 Sq.ft each
(i) 150 Sq.ft each
19 Multipurpose Play Field (i) 5843 Sq.ft each  
20 Open Space for additional accommodation    
21 Total Build up area in the Building……..Sqft    
22 Hostel facility for girls    
23 Safeguard against fire hazard in all parts of building.    

Facilities in the Campus:


Library is an integral part of any educational institution. It helps in the cognitive development of both teachers and pupils. Ours is a well equipped library with a huge collection of books, journals, magazine, related to all courses and subjects.


Our Library cultural national & regional news papers include educational Encyclopedia, electronics publications (CD ROMs) including online resources, research journals of international publication. Our Library includes books and journals published by NCTE. Library has photocopying facility and computer with NCTE, internet facility for the use of faculty and student.

ICT Resource Centre:-

ICT resource centre is designed to help the pupil teachers to learn how to use modern teaching equipments in different aspects of teaching and language solutions to make teaching process interesting and easy. It helps to improve the vocabulary, pronunciation, writing, listening, reading and speaking skills.

Equipments Available: Computers having internet facility, Wi-Fi facility is available.


Psychology Lab:-

It is very important for a teacher to understand the psychology of the students. So we have designed a psychology lab where any psychological concept can be understood practically. It consists of test material for different psychological tests, for example test of adjustment, personality test, intelligence test, creativity test, attitude and aptitude tests and various inventory and case studies.


Science Lab:-

  1. Physics Lab
  2. Chemistry Lab
  3. Biology Lab
  4. Math’s Lab

It is a place where new experiments are performed to obtain results and to produce new laws and hypothesis based on which conclusions are drawn. The institute has four science labs for different subjects who are fully equipped with all practical material and instruments.



Technology Lab:-

The Pupil teachers are taught using the modern teaching equipment and are made to learn the use of the same technology.

The teachers are also to make their teaching interesting and easy using the equipment Available: TV, Radio, Mike DVD, OHP, Slide Projector, Computer, Models Charts, Film Strips, CD Rom etc.

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Separate building for canteen is constructed for the refreshment of students as well as the members.


Play Ground:- 

A huge playground helps to cater the needs of various games and sports like badminton, TT, football, cricket, basketball, volleyball etc. including the Yoga exercise to bring physical & mental discipline of the pupil teachers. Basket – Ball Court of International standard.