chairmanFOUNDER MESSAGE Shri M.M. Agarwal- Quality is never an accident, it is ways the result of high intention, sincere efforts, intelligent direction and skillful execution, and it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.Will A Foster. Having been an educator for several years, I keenly endorse the pivotal role an educational institution in today’s society. If I feel honoured to be Chairperson of a seat of learning that trains teachers that further mould the impressionable human mind, I also advocate its implications. The greatest of all the challenges of education in India is quality of teachers. Teachers are the greatest asset of any education system who acts as an active agent to help the child in knowledge construction by acting on his social and physical environment. No system can rise above the status of its teachers. The teacher had been enjoying a special status in India. But with the advent of 21st Century, the role of teacher has become the need of the present era which is an assigned responsibility of teacher educators. The teacher becomes the agent of connectivity between quality education and national development .Undoubtedly evidences of improvement are there in teacher education frame work but still it has miles to go in order to get perfectly fitted in present requirement scenario. The need of the time is to produce human and professional teachers because the quality of the learner is a direct all out of the quality of the teacher. If the quality of the teacher is poor, it will percolate into the learning abilities of the students. It goes without saying that he is a harbinger of change for better or for worse. We here at our premier institute of teacher training Mahatma Gandhi College Of Education provide quality education with the noble mission to pursue excellence in the gamut of teacher. It aims at attaining highest standards in its Endeavour. The focus of the management and the faculty of education are on grooming trainees into extraordinary leaders by fostering an unbreakable spirit of commitment, sense of dedication and responsibility. The rich learning environment at the college facilitate extensive and inclusive opportunities to the learners of B.Ed. I hope you will stay a while, explore our website and learn more about the exiting mission to which we are committed to. I wish everyone very best.